Infinity Fuze 100 By Harman (JBL) Review

Portable speakers are really handy whether it be indoors or outdoors. It breaks the boundaries and you can enjoy music anywhere, bedroom, balcony, terrace, lawn, and even bathrooms. 😉 Every type has its own identity be it HT, in-ear, over-ear, portable, etc. And here we have Infinity Fuze 100 by Harman which comes under portable

Amazon Echo

Echo by Amazon – An Alexa Speaker – Review

Technology & its applications are changing continuously and the current trend goes on with voice assistants. Amazon’s Echo line up covers this domain in a fruitful way combining Alexa’s smart capabilities with good quality speakers. With the increasing price of the lineup, the feature-set also increases & here is Echo which includes everything from Echo

FireTV Stick & Chromecase

YouTube back on FireTV, Prime on Chromecast

The long-lasting battle between Google & Amazon has ended and services are back on opposing platforms. Official YouTube app is back on Amazon FireTV devices while Amazon has restored Prime services on Chromecast as well as Android TV. It’s a prime time for all to start enjoying these services with official support with an extended

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Fire TV Stick by Amazon- Review

I had Fire TV Stick in the wish list since its launch. I was very excited to find it being launched in India. With the cost of the internet going down significantly & good content availability since Amazon Fire TV Stick is undoubtedly the best option. My TV was already smart along with Mira-cast support

Blink External LED Using NodeMCU ESp8266

Blink External LED with NodeMCU ESP8266

Blink external LED on NodeMCU is very easy with this NodeMCU ESP8266 board as its self sufficient with everything on it. Detailed initial setup steps can be found here. Led in itself has two terminals, anode (+ve) and a cathode (-ve). Do pay attention to it while installing it on the breadboard. You can check

NodeMCU ESP8266 Onboard LED

Blink Onboard LED on NodeMCU ESP8266

So far we got to know how to install & configure Arduino for ESP8266 programming in a recent article. Now here we will look into the very basic programming part, to blink onboard LED on NodeMCU ESP8266 located near USB port. This can also be used to test the board in general, as you don’t

NodeMCU ESP8266

NodeMCU ESP8266 and Arduino IDE: Initial Setup

ESP8266 is very common name nowadays. When i saw this board, i was like wow. A big picture in front thinking of all possibilities. So after researching a lot about which one to order, plain ESP8266 or NODEMCU one, i was on for NodeMCU. Even in case of NodeMCU, there are many different manufacturers implementing

Michelin Foot Pump

Michelin Foot Pump Review (Single Barrel)

Since a long time I was planning an all in one foot pump to cover everything related and this Michelin Foot Pump turned out to be a one stop solution to all such needs. All in all its a cheap yet effective quality package. Be it vehicle or bicycle tyre top-up, toy inflation, sports ball

Philips MG7715

Philips MG7715 Body Groomer Review

I was looking for good body groomer or trimmer kit for full body grooming. Had Philips, Panasonic, Nova brand models in list. Did a lot of analysis & brand was soon sorted out to Philips owing to trust & its quality consistency over the years. After brand finalization was stuck in models. Philips 3000 &

Honor Band 4

Honor Band 4 Review – Decently Featured

Hey all here i am with Honor Band 4. One of the smart bands in demand due to its features & price range. You don’t find many devices in this range with such features. UPDATE: Successor to Honor band 4 and MI band 3 were launched in 2nd half of 2019. Link: Review of MI