Whenever you need extra power on the go a power bank comes in handy. With so many power-hungry devices in our bag, a power bank is, in fact, a necessity. I have many different power banks in my drawers like MI, Honor, Syska, etc, but his time I thought to give Ambrane 20000mAH power bank a try. Though Ambrane was not a perfect match for MI or Honor ones, it did live up to my expectations for the 1k range.

Inside the box of Ambrane 20000mAH power bank

  1. Powerbank
  2. MicroUSB cable
  3. Carry pouch (depends on which package you received, more below)
  4. User manual/Warranty card
  5. General leaflet
  6. Feedback leaflet

Some details

  • Mfg: October 2019
  • Charging time: 9 Hrs 50 Min (via 10W charger, low battery indication to full charge)
  • Backup:
    a) Can charge Redmi Note 5 pro’s 4000mAH battery ~3.5 times.
    b) Can charge Redmi 6A’s 3000mAH battery ~4.5 times.
    c) Can charge Infinity (JBL) Fuze 100’s 750mAH battery ~18 times.
Ambrane 20000mAH Power Bank Specifications


1. High capacity power bank with dual input (micro USB or USB C).
2. Dual output via 2 USB ports.
3. Not a fast charge/quick charge device but has an output of 5V/2.4A (12W) which is good enough.
4. Touch button for power checks or switch it on for charging device.
5. It comes with a carry pouch. (more below on this part).
6. Compact form factor & sturdy design with ABS body.


1. It does not auto-start charging when the device is connected.
2. Since it has a touch button instead of push-button, it activates accidentally switching it on every time during handling.
3. There is a lot of conversion loss & backup is slightly less for a 20000mAh power bank.

  • Cons are significant enough to reduce 1 star. There is scope for improvement (points 1 & 2) in this product in the same range. So ★★★★ device.

Status LEDs

  • 1st/2nd/3rd/4th LED blinking (while charging power bank): Status of charge in terms of no of LEDs blinking
  • 1/2/3/4 LEDs solid white (while charging other devices): Status of remaining battery in terms of no of LEDs
  • One blinking (while charging other devices): Low battery
  • All 4 LED solid glow: Battery fully charged

Ambrane Box Debate

1. When i first received this Ambrane 20000mAH power bank it came in a small box (approx 12x9x3cm, Mfg: Aug 2019) with everything forced in congested space. The issue i had in this one was that it came with open seal & no poly wrap around product box as if it was a used product or was tampered in between. So was skeptical about the authenticity of the product and ordered a replacement right away.

→ This one had USB C cable but no carry pouch.

2. When replacement came, it came in a poly-wrapped bigger box (22x10x4 cm, Mfg: Oct 2019) with an outer sleeve and main box inside with a hologram seal. Maybe Ambrane changed the packaging. The hologram seal here was intact but was also not applied properly to secure the opening. Looked like it was applied with an open box. So its presence was useless.

→ This one came with Micro USB cable and a carry pouch.

Carry Pouch

  • As per my analysis carry pouch comes with the latest October lot of Ambrane 20000mAH Power Bank which comes in a bigger box and was unavailable in earlier lot with a small box.
  • Carry pouch size was appropriate for power bank and i had no trouble inserting power bank in it. (Some users reported it having a smaller opening but i had no trouble with it and found it to be a proper fit. Neither loose nor tight.
  • Its soft nylon meshed pouch and is a nice addon.

Verdict for Ambrane 20000mAH Power Bank

  • At the price point, this Ambrane 20000mAH power bank is not a bad deal. Its a midway path b/w low quality and high-quality ones. You can very well go for Ambrane, as it makes good quality & durable power banks. Rest, nothing is perfect in this world. For this thing only, 10 days replacement policy from Amazon and 1-year warranty from Ambrame is available.
  • If one can extend the budget by a few hundred, MI power bank will be a better option with a metallic body & better quality overall. I have MI, Honor & Ambrane power bank and their overall rating will be (from low to high) Ambrane → Honor → MI

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