ADB Installer

Bloatware Removal From Android- No Root Guide

These days every manufacturers load up device with many apps aka bloatware or crapware which eats away our precious space and consumes lots of resources. The worst thing being most of them are useless to max no of users but we have no choice and have to live with them as device manufacturers disable uninstall

Flow via TDS Regulator in Eureka RO Purifier

TDS Regulator & RO Water Purifier

While getting a RO purifier you might have come across TDS regulator. Some have while some do not. What its all about? Do you need a water purifier with TDS regulator?  Let me answer these all. TDS First of all, TDS is total dissolved solids in water be it mineral, salts, metals etc. In small

Eureka Forbes Aquasure RO+UV+MTDS

Eureka Forbes Aquasure RO+UV+MTDS Aquaguard (Mini Review)

Eureka Forbes, age-old brand for aquaguard range. Personally using its products for 10-15 years. Earlier used its vacuum cleaner, aquaguard total inova, etc. This one’s an upgrade from previous iNova model. So based on previous experience with Eureka, wrt quality, service & durability of products they offer, it was an easy decision. Both earlier products

Redmi 6A Box

Redmi 6A- Perfect Budget Device Review

Got this MI Redmi series device, Redmi 6A, a few days ago & to say flash sales at amazon are far better than anywhere else. At least you have a chance at getting the thing, in a fairway. Don’t have to rely totally on luck.This one is best in class budget-oriented device with a smaller