Today in this article we will cover the watch faces of MI Band 4 in detail. Xiaomi announced this band as a successor to its highly acclaimed band of 2018, MI Band 3 a while ago. Later on, the company officially went for the launch of MI Band 4 on 17th September 2019. The first sale for the same was on 19th September.

I got it in the first sale and we discussed unboxing & first impressions of MI Band 4 a few days ago. Later on, i went on with a detailed review of MI Band 4 which is updated periodically with new data, new findings, updates, etc.

Of all the features, one of the highly loved features of MI Band 4 is the level of customization of the watch faces. This customization ranges from built-in ones, all the way to third party support for the same.

Steps to set watch faces built in MI Band 4

  1. Unlock band if it’s locked.
  2. Scroll to “More” & open it
  3. Scroll to “Band display” and open it
  4. You can scroll up or down to view available watch faces (currently 3)
  5. Tap on the one you desire to set it on the home screen
How to set built in watch face

Steps to set watch faces via MI Fit App

a) Online watch faces in MI Fit app

  1. Open MI Fit app & go to Profile → MI Smart Band 4 → Band display settings
  2. The first tab displays all the available watch faces in the MI store. Tap on the one you desire.
  3. Tap on “Sync watch face” to sync it to Band.
  4. It will take approx 15-20 secs depending on Bluetooth strength
  5. Once complete band displays “synced successfully”
  6. Voila, the watch face is on the Band now.
How to set watch faces via MI Fit app in MI Band 4

b) Custom photo watch face using MI Fit app

  1. Open MI Fit app & go to Band display settings → Custom
  2. Select the layout and click on change background
  3. Take a photo or select any photo from the gallery
  4. Crop photo using any of available app
  5. Sync face to the band
How to set custom photo watch faces in MI Band 4

Steps to set watch faces via third-party apps

There are several third-party watch faces available online. Either we can use apps available on the Play Store or sideload these watch faces manually after downloading them from the websites like amazefitwatchfaces. Sideloading procedure is quite complex & non-techy ones won’t be able to follow it.

So here we will only discuss a few apps which almost automate the task. Some examples include MiBand4 WatchFace by Rokitskiy.DEV, Mi Band 4 WatchFaces by Paolo Quattrociocchi, AmazFaces, etc. All three here are working fine as of writing this article. Of this most popular one with great collection of faces is by ROkitskiy.DEV. So we will follow the steps to this app only. Other apps are also easy to follow with the required instructions inside the app only.

  1. Download app from the PlayStore (Link)
  2. Install the app, open it & accept permission requests.
  3. Let the catalog load. You can use filters like language, no of installations, etc.
  4. Click on the watch face you want to install.
  5. Download it by tapping on the download button
  6. Reopen the same watch face & click on install.
  7. Carefully follow the instructions displayed
  8. Open MI Fit app and go to Profile → MI Smart Band 4 → Band display settings → Online band displays
  9. Click on the watch face that was displayed in the instruction screen (this is the official watch face whose files are replaced by the app as per the watch face we downloaded in step 5)
  10. Simple sync this watch face to enjoy the one we chose in step 4.
How to set third party watch faces in MI Band 4

Steps to the DIY watch face for MI Band 4

This one’s really an interesting bit to check out where you can virtually customize every aspect of watch face by having almost full control over its components. But for this, you need to have some general photoshop skills along with a few coding skills. Unlike the above methods to set watch faces, this is a DIY tutorial to first make/modify a watch face and then to install it. So, it is going to be a long one and will be covered in a separate article.

So, here in this article, we saw several methods to set watch faces in MI Band 4. MI has done a great job by allowing support for third-party apps across various domains like, camera controlling which is though officially not supported in MI Band 4 but can be enabled using “band selfie”, “Remote shutter”, etc apps, band interfacing using gadget bridge, and then setting unlimited watch faces using third-party apps.

Kudos to Xiaomi for providing these many features & third party support all at rock bottom prices.

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