This Kapaver’s transparent cover for Redmi Note 7 series be it 7 or 7s or 7 pro is a definitive addition. Though the devices come with their own silicon softcover inside the box, its soft plastic cover, and kind of risky to use, as it comes out very easily. Also, it even does not protect the camera bump and screen via raised lips. So your screen & camera is prone to scratches as you will keep it with either side facing down which will always rub against the surface.

So I searched a lot and settled on this one. Actually I have a similar cover from Bounceback for my Redmi Note 5 pro. So I was actually looking for the same cover and found this one. Note 5 Pro’s cover lived up to expectations to date in every segment, but this one’s a level up compared to it. To say I never installed any screen guard on Note 5 pro, just this cover, and the phone is intact even after a year of heavy use and few falls on the solid floor.

Inside Box of Kapaver Redmi Note 7 cover

→ Redmi Note 7 Pro cover (which also fits 7s and 7 pro) with removable lamination on both sides of the transparent zone

Some details

  • Cover weight: 35g
  • Mobile 7s weight: 187g
  • Total: 222g
  • Engraved text- “Designed by KAPAVER in Houston, USA” inside, “KAPAVER” & “BOND-X” outside.
  • Removable lamination on both sides of the transparent zone


1. Excellent finish & very good quality.
2. Covers camera bump perfectly (it’s around 1 mm deep).
3. Raised lips, ie screen is around 1mm below its edges, so screen protection as well.
4. Corners have air cushioning, so in case of fall, less internal damage.
5. Clear back provides a good view of phone color and logo.
6. Volume & power buttons work well with it, soft to press.
7. Volume & power buttons are projected and easily distinguishable.
7. Proper cutouts provided for all zones (IR, mics, headphone jack, charging, speakers).
8. Quite a good fit overall, no loose zones at all.
9. Black plastic is having a matte finish. So it provides proper grip during handling.


1. Headphone cutout seems not to cover all headphone connectors, 1 in 10, with greater dia connector may not go in properly. But those 1 in 10 are non-standard ones, so not an issue.
2. It makes the phone look bulky but you won’t notice it after a few days. Looks & protection if offers, would cover it all.
3. Costly but quality & looks justify it all. Quality comes at a price.

Cons are not an issue in my view and personal point of view. Also, these can’t be addressed by the manufacturer as it would be a compromise on build quality.

  • So in my view, not just a 5 star, this Redmi Note 7 Pro cover is rather a 6-star ★★★★★★ product. Very less i give this rating, but this product deserves it.


  • Since this Redmi Note 7 Pro cover provides all-round protection with cool looks, its a one-shot go for Redmi Note 7s or 7 Pro (will get one for my Note 7 Pro too). In my opinion, if you are good with the looks, just go for it blindly. You won’t regret it at all.
  • I personally don’t prefer any other cover for phones these days, as they leave camera bump and screen unprotected. This one covers everything well and looks really nice. Just that this particular design concept is not available for every phone model out there.

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